Visual Eyes – Here I Come

A sub-human combination of sounds that are alien to our modern music society

Visual Eyes

Visual eyes have created something other-worldly with the track ‘Here I come’ from their debut album, ‘Vibrations’.

The abstract introduction and subsequent build-up of the song paints a sonic landscape of a lone ranger’s journey across vast desert stretching beyond the horizon. The opening pipes awaken the scene, and the succeeding guitar motif is repeated over and over, creating an immersive experience. Although the riff is simple, it’s incredibly effective in keeping you consumed by this detailed vision; a common denominator that’s present during most of the track.

The vocals cut through the soft guitar with a roughness emulating that of whiskey voice (immensely appropriate for this imagined setting) and an accompanying rattlesnake-like shaker weaves around ever-increasing layers. Smooth, uncomplicated backing vocals melt around the raspy male’s, highlighting the coarseness of his part. The amalgamation of slide guitar and a steady, stomping beat come together to create a deep, dark, Americana sequence that is then ruptured by electronic swells that shouldn’t work, but in fact, define the track as unconventionally remarkable.

‘Here I Come’ is a sub-human combination of sounds that are alien to our modern music society; a supernatural soundscape that travels beyond what simple minds can comprehend. It is an incredibly refreshing and unique composition that has this element of unobtainable, yet truly desired, coolness.

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  • What a well written review, Amy. You not only have talent as a singer, but also as a writer. Very attentive listen on a well-crafted song by Visual Eyes. Just followed them on Soundcloud and now I’m enjoying their music thanks to you.

  • Beyond the album artwork being wickedly cool, the song was super cool too. I loved the slide playing. It really made me think of Breaking Bad!

  • the vocals break up in a really nice way. Also the quality of the reverbs used on this track is amazing. The guitar sounds really lush

  • Awesome review. Could tell just from the artwork I’d dig this! Huge fan of the guitar tones

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