September’s Birds – Colors On The Ground

September's Birds - Colors On The Ground

Winter in Wisconsin is cold and sometimes gray, sometimes never-ending, mid-western by all accounts, but apparently not devoid of great Roots songwriting. Writing tunes capable of transporting the listener and resetting one’s emotional state is no short order. It needs to be handled by professionals; people that have a gift for creating beauty where it’s not readily apparent, prose where there are no words being spoken and vividness where there is no light.

September’s Birds are presently taking new clients and not looking back. Their single, Colors On The Ground from album, All My Days Growing Down is a pragmatic view into the souls and visions of its writers. The single is capable of altering your current mood, redistribution of your priorities for a few minutes, and maybe the rest of day if you’re one of the lucky ones.

The delivery vehicle of Colors On The Ground is dry, honest and untampered with, it is without fuss, genuine and unfeigned recorded music. The timbre of great instruments with only microphones between you and the art, a reassurance that the practice is not in vain.

Colors are plentiful during the Wisconsin winters, they’re evident in this track, they require a set of decent ear buds and the desire to patiently discover and coalesce with your personal interpretation of the single. Colors On The Ground employs acoustic guitar, piano, fiddle, steel guitar volume swells and a dead pan vocal to halt you in your own tracks and demand you a more pensive listener.

Americana fans, people who took David Lindley in the big Jackson Browne/David Lindley split, Amos Lee lovers, Andrew Bird watchers, and Ryan Adams (can I still mention his name?) followers unite! This one is for you. Top 5 single for me in 2019.

By the way, Wisconsin is beautiful in the summer too.

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