Moron Police – The Invisible King | Paving the way for modern, triumphant protest music

an amalgamation of significant ideas and beliefs that are revealed in a wonderfully jubilant style.

Moron Police - The Invisible King

Norwegian pop/rock band, Moron Police, already have an extensive touring record under their belt. Having performed at Fjellparkfestivalen, the Hove Music Festival and Norway Rock Festival, these guys are no strangers to large, screaming crowds.

Their up and coming release, A Boat On the Sea, is the group’s third album and will feature the brand new single, The Invisible King; out today. Describing the track as a criticism of “the religious wars, the military” and “the ruthless recruitment of young boys and girls”, The Invisible King is both a referral to political figureheads as well as God himself.

It’s difficult to believe, at first, that a song with such an upbeat start can address something so serious and hard-hitting, but it’s this juxtaposition of creative ideas that makes the track so extraordinary.

Listen to The Invisible King by Moron Police via YouTube below or Spotify

Throwing you straight into the catchy, upbeat chorus (sung a-cappella), the intro is then followed by an immensely satisfying guitar riff. The melodic verses entwined with influential speech samples, make The Invisible King an amalgamation of significant ideas and beliefs that are revealed in a wonderfully jubilant style. The darkly ironic lyrics against a fast-paced, joyful tune and an incredibly addictive main riff, truly demonstrate why Moron Police are a huge hit with live audiences. The track then cuts out to a delicate, glittering middle 8 before jumping back into another exhilarating guitar melody; showing off their ability to hype listeners for the final chorus.

Moron Police

This song just keeps on giving, with so many glorious parts to it and each tune being as addictive as the next, it’s hard to choose which one tops them all. It’ll have you singing not only the rhapsodic vocal line but also the awesome guitar solos along with it.

With a band name that perfectly reflects the topic of the song, Moron Police are paving the way for modern, triumphant protest music. The Invisible King is out today and you can listen to the track right here on For The Love of Bands.

If you like what you hear, then visit Moron Police on Spotify and follow their socials to keep up with their next gigs:


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