JT Larsen – Old Loud Beat Down Train | Premiere

The follow up to Southern Indiana Nights, is a captivating song that shows great talents from a unique songwriter.

JT Larsen - Old Beat Down Train

From the moment Jt Larsen’s track, Old Loud Beat Down Train, kicks in it’s like pouring a sweet honey love potion in your ears. The slide guitar instantly teleports you down that Alt-country/ Americana path and the rhythm, slow and seductive, initiates a dreamy state of mind.

The vocals, smooth, deep and warm sets this song up for a blissful scenic journey into the writer’s mind.

“I’m pacing by my window and the stars are shining so dim”, the first line of the song, immediately compels me to want more. Where is he going with his story and what is he trying to convey?

The pre-chorus then indicates to me that this is a love story of longing and “Old loud beat down train”, is a metaphor for this crazy, noisy world in which we live in and how that noise can drive us to destinations far from where we ought to be. Unless of course,

You’ll be on that old loud beat down train right here with me.

JT Larsen Singer-Songwriter

Old Loud Beat Down Train – JT Larsen, the follow up to Southern Indiana Nights, is a captivating song that shows great talents from a unique songwriter. The song contains all the required elements, from the intro to the chorus. OLBDT is filled with love, longing, and hooks and makes this a compelling, must listen to track. The instrumentation, the timing and the somewhat lazy feeling of the vocals suits this track to perfection and I’m drawn to that seat right next to him on that “Old Loud Beat Down Train”.

Being raised by two musicians, Larsen has always been around and loved music. And along the way, he’s been able to hone his craft as a singer, writer, musician, and producer creating a sound that is all his own. JT Larsen is based out of Indianapolis, Indiana and can be heard across regional and national radio stations and well as global publications.

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