SHOR Releases Music Video For Dreamy Single Gold With Simplistic, Yet Beautiful Visuals

This video is truly one to watch if you’re feeling stuck in a rut and completely unsatisfied with what you’re doing.

SHOR - Gold

It is pretty much a guarantee that we have all been there; stuck in a mundane job with no satisfaction. But obviously, there’s no way out when you need it just to get by with life’s expenses. SHOR’s latest release “Gold” expresses this with simplistic, yet beautiful visuals.  Portraying a message that life doesn’t have to bleak, you can have those hidden moments that lift you up and motivate you to do better. Despite this track having an underlying character of feeling like everything is lost, it will make you feel a little less like you’re alone with feeling stuck in life.


Within the first 10 seconds of the song mood is set with the lyrics; “Pay your gold, life on repeat am I just for show, am I Incomplete.” Matching quick cut changing visuals of the protagonist doing the same boring things we expect an office day to be filled with, it is made clear this music video set out with the intention of really telling the story of the song creating a feeling that you’re just another cog in the machine. We see the video open fading in from a black screen, to an equally dreary grey toned office. This reflecting the feeling of being stuck in your head that you may just be destined for a boring life and it being re-enforced with your surroundings being equally dreary and uninspired. Here we are introduced to our protagonist who is unmistakably unhappy with her day job of working in an office, and daydreaming of being something more, or being “In the wake of something bigger”.

The video isn’t fleshed out with lots of unnecessary changes of scenery or characters, it keeps to a simple formula of showing a set of repetitive settings, reflecting on the mundane feeling of doing the same thing day in, day out.  Shot in such a stylistic way to match the tone and every beat of the track, wonderfully complimenting one another. With a classic technique of using colours and lighting to portray the emotion that is desired to be felt.

The positive and upbeat style of the song is met and contrasted by mellow lyrics, filled with little hope and a high sense of self-doubt. We see this visually portrayed by the obvious despair of the protagonist visually unhappy and completely drained while sat in her office/day job environment and in these moments lyrics such as “Potential is a comfort unfulfilled, I always said I could have been something remarkable”.

SHOR Gold 2

After seeing the first initial glow of the protagonist in her more golden and colourful environment, we’re cut back to seeing her back in the office, clearly distracted and thinking of being anywhere else, but still she is seen to be trying to get on top of her job and attempt to do well at it. The lack of satisfaction is clear and with this comes a change when it all seems to get a bit much and she zones out into a dream-like state, much like the dreamy undertones of this song. Ignoring all the work papers being thrown at her and probably thinking about being back in her home and practicing for the audition she so desperately wants to nail. As momentum in the song continues to build up we see this beautiful moment of getting freedom. Letting her hair down and just having a good time; feeling like she’s more than just an office job.

The whole song is leading up to the anticipated moment of the audition; the place where everything could change. Where she could finally be moving onto something bigger and better. As the song builds up to the big finale, our lead is shown with a significantly more content vibe matching up with the more hopeful and inspired ending to the track. The ending of the song is elegantly twined with the build-up of the lead leaving the audition; showing off a changed person who has found their passion.

SHOR Gold 3

This video is truly one to watch if you’re feeling stuck in a rut and completely unsatisfied with what you’re doing. A great song with relatable lyrics; truly making you feel like you’re the only person not doing something big or exciting with your life. Seeing the lead develop from a low energy office worker to an upbeat and energetic dancing soul is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Watch the video here:

SHOR – Gold

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