me not you – not fine mirrors the extensive layering of masked sorrow

An atmospheric anthem for loneliness

me not you not fine

This new wave of ‘dark’ pop is ironically shining a fresh light on the genre and allowing it to become something so much cooler than perhaps people would expect. me not you’s ‘not fine’ is the perfect example of depth and perplexity within a style of music that was originally born through trying to evoke joy and entertain listeners. You can now listen to the most mainstream genre and feel unequivocally sad. I love it.

This track captures the beauty of feeling down through a clash between sharp, jagged ambient sound and hauntingly sweet vocals. It’s not just the words, it’s the sound. me not you paint a sonic landscape that truly does whisper to your darkest thoughts. The Brooklyn duo describe themselves as ‘ethereal garage pop’, but this song I believe to belong more in pop’s underworld; an atmospheric anthem for loneliness.

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Innocently pure vocals cut through the metallic ambience; confessing almost threatening lyrics yet with a virtuous, childlike tone. Without this strange, other-worldly resonance, ‘not fine’ could be mistaken for a delicate refrain, but these noises are what interrupt the regularity of a calm mind. They disturb the smooth odyssey of average brain waves and set them free to wander through the heavens. Are they warning signs for the singer’s true state of mind? Alarm bells to wake us from these dreamy, alluring vocals?

me not you not fine

With a guitar solo that increases the intensity of the track and a breakdown that resides on another planet, ‘not fine’ mirrors the extensive layering of masked sorrow. It is a modern take on the song of a mystical Siren, drawing listeners into the darkness.

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