Wanna Be a Woman by Angela Aux is light-hearted, purposeful and brilliant

Simultaneously a trip down memory lane and a glimpse into an idealistic social future.

Angela Aux - Wanna Be a Woman

When going through submissions, I’m always looking for something that stops me in my tracks; something that often evokes a ‘huh?’ followed by an ‘oh yes’. In a world where everything is too accessible, something that sparks immediate, unique interest is a blessing.

Not so long ago, I found a track that made me pause, sit up in my chair and grin like a fool.  Angela Aux’s ‘Wanna Be a Woman’ is curiously nostalgic, with cynicism that is both genius and amusing. I try not to compare modern songs too much to iconic artists, but I just can’t help believing that ‘Wanna Be a Woman’ could easily have been written by the likes of Paul McCartney.

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Opening with an old-school whistle hook and an incredibly addictive chorus decorated with retro backing vocals, the song expresses simple yet intriguing lyrics that poke fun at modern misogyny. Raised by a feminist mum and three sisters on the Bavarian countryside, Aux reveals he was twisted through all sorts of ideas and misunderstandings about what women and men could or should be or act like.

I like the idea that the song is winding up men’s brains and they suddenly start to sing it in public while waiting for a bus or in the supermarket.

Angela Aux

Taken from his third album entitled, ‘In Love with the Demons’, ‘Wanna Be a Woman’ is light-hearted, purposeful and brilliant. Simultaneously a trip down memory lane and a glimpse into an idealistic social future.

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