Trentemøller – Try A Little | a darkly ethereal, yet lyrically grounded exploration into unrequited love

Depicts a shadow of what could have been; a hazy glimpse into a now unreachable, but much desired, paradise

Trentemøller - Try A Little

Copenhagen-based musician Anders Trentemøller produces compositions that sit somewhere between indie and electronic. Once again, he has collaborated with talented singer-songwriter Jenny Lee Lindberg, best known as the bassist from Warpaint, on this latest track, ‘Try a Little’ released August 30th.

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Trippy, retro-inspired music video ‘Try A Litte’

Opening with an obscure, industrial beat surrounded by echoes of ominous, whispering vocals; ‘Try  a Little’ is a darkly ethereal, yet lyrically grounded exploration into unrequited love. The combination of chugging rhythm and atonal, almost eerie vocals from Warpaint’s Jennylee, create a track that seemingly exists in a time-lapse caught midway. With graceful harmonies and a delicate guitar part reminiscent of The Cure’s ‘Just like Heaven’, ‘Try a Little’ depicts a shadow of what could have been; a hazy glimpse into a now unreachable, but much desired, paradise.

Although the track was intended to be released on an entirely instrumental album (entitled ‘Obverse’ – out September 27th), Jennylee wrote heartfelt, emotional lyrics that “speak the truth regarding some of the hardest things to admit to oneself”. The song does well to illustrate the desolation that is unreturned affection.

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‘Try a Little” is not only a vulnerable glance into Jennylee’s soul, it’s a meticulously planned soundscape, designed to occupy its own atmosphere that’s somehow moving at 100 miles an hour, yet not heading anywhere at all…

If you’re into this track and the trippy, retro-inspired music video, then make sure to follow Trentemøller on his socials and stay tuned for the full ‘Obverse’ album on September 27th.

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  • I’m liking the track – very hypnotic. I’m glad it wasn’t left as an instrumental, the vocals definitely add to the dark vibe of the song!

  • Super cool that this was initially instrumental! I often think the collaboration of instruments and synths can better say what is hard to put to words – but when words emerge within the creative process, they can be vital. Great post!

  • I found Trentemoller years ago, must of been 2005/2006. And I fell in love with his music. The Last Resort was bar far the most articulate record I had heard at the time, and I hear the hundreds and hundreds of hours that he had put into making that record. However, if he were to ever release something I didn’t like, I wouldn’t even be mad, because he could release a hundred terrible records and it wouldn’t even outweigh the good records. I don’t even think it is possible for him to create a terrible record. Very underrated artist and a huge inspiration.


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