New Music Podcast Episode 3: Recording with Alternative Rock Band Fake Swans

Fake Swans Recording

While it’s not unheard of for a band to replace a drummer, bassist or even lead guitarist; for most groups the mere idea of swapping the SINGER is ridiculous. Well, alternative rock band Fake Swans have done just that. I’m not talking similar style either, they literally replaced soulful female vocals with the electrifying pipes of Pete Wilchinsky.

Fake Swans 2

For their first single with a new voice, the band headed up to Nottingham and recorded with independent studios; Rainy Daze Recording. I decided to come with them, and in episode 3 of the New Music Podcast, I take you behind the scenes of what it’s really like for a small band to record a track.

Named ‘Foster’ after the cheap beer they were drinking at the time of writing, this song really is a grand entrance for Pete. His vocals are incredibly energetic, demonstrating that classic rock passion, but with unique trills and decorations that pop-up in unexpected places. The darkness and doom is still very much there from the original combination of Jim’s western fuzz guitar, Sonny’s vivid bass and Hannah’s fiery drums. The Fake Swans cake is just as delicious as before, but now with a richer icing on top. If you’re a fan of Manic Street Preachers, Black Sabbath or The Birthday Party, then their comeback single is certainly one to add to your playlist.

Fake Swans 3

Rainy Daze Recording Studio is run by Joe Fisher and Elliot McCoid. Located down a residential street, the studio apartment has been transformed by DIY sound proofing like foil and tapestries, a whole load of recording equipment and a couple of leather sofas. It’s amazing how they have yet to receive a noise complaint. A steep set of concrete stairs leads up from the front door into the long rectangular space that the 2 producers, 4 musicians and I spend the entire day. Fake Swans chose to capture a live instrumental performance initially in the morning, followed by vocals recorded separately in the afternoon. They felt that this would be the best way to generate their gig- energy in a studio setting.

Fake Swans 4

Throughout the day, I experienced Joe and Elliot’s recording techniques and spoke to the band about the writing of ‘Foster’. There’s also a decent amount of messing around…what did you expect?

Press play on the podcast and get a glimpse into the first stage of how an independent band puts music out into the universe. To get the full 4D effect, listen with a beer in one hand and a doughnut in the other. Expect offensive language and procrastination.

Fake Swans 5

If you enjoyed ‘Foster’ and are a fan of the Fake Swans members themselves, then make sure to follow their socials and be ready for new tracks coming very soon.


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