Blissful Red – The Xennials A lo-fi love song to the inbetweener generation brought up on Greenday and Grunge.

Blissful Red - The Xennials

Are your first memories of the internet the monodic drone of dial-up? Frantically clicking send and receive on your email, as your parents command you to free up the phone line? MySpace? MSN Messenger? Then it’s likely you’re part of the in-between generation: the Xennials. This song by Blissful Red is for you.

Blissful Red’s recipe for noise making is a cacophony of 70s paired back rock, mixed with a touch of 80s synth and a pinch of Becksian 90s mastery. His latest single Xennials introduces a lo-fi indie vibe. Beginning with a homage to Derek and the Dominos iconic 1970 riff, this track then sidesteps the 70s vibe, falling decidedly into a latter-day indie vibe.

The song plods through at a gentle pace paying homage to all things late 90s and early 00s. Lyrically compelling, and like any good storyteller, Blissful Red’s Tom Leaver draws the listener in, weaving melody and rhythm to create heartfelt reminiscences of an era that continues to never quite fit in.

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