Dafna’s ‘By Myself’ is your comfort blanket for loneliness.

Dafna’s ‘By Myself’

19-year-old singer-songwriter, producer and engineering student Dafna, is creating the music that eases a worried mind. Her song ‘By Myself’ is an antidote to the stress of being alone, as well as an addictive tune that is most likely to be played more than once. A mellow, groovy bass line, dreamy synth and idyllic vocals colour those blue thoughts yellow and allow you to peer into the brighter side of being solo.

The song moves through a thought process, each verse detailing a relatable situation that the chorus then defuses. Dafna decorates her delicate vocals with angelic harmonies that mirror imaginary creatures whispering personal advice into your ear. Almost like a comfort blanket for loneliness, it builds the subtle layering of heavenly guitar around relaxed rhythm until you reach an ultimately carefree state of mind.

Released in October, ‘By Myself’ has the wisdom of a much older writer, yet with an innocence that is both calm and refreshing. It’s a serene track that will ~ honestly ~ make you feel alright again, at least for a little while.

Since ‘By Myself’, Dafna has also released a beautifully dark, ethereal ballad called ‘Lonely Game’ on Spotify. If you love either single, then make sure to follow her socials and maybe even check out some of her super cool merch…


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