James Blonde – Hundred Bucks | perfect combination of driving guitars and playful lyrics

James Blonde - Hundred Bucks

I still remember a time when music didn’t take itself so damn seriously. I think back fondly on the days when Fountains of Wayne proclaimed “Stacey’s mom has got it going on” for all the world to hear; when Bowling for Soup would lovingly lament “you’re a bitch – but I love you anyway.” Somewhere along the way, we forgot how to laugh. We lost the ability to enjoy music for enjoyment’s sake and for many years – I was sure that we never would again. At least, that is, up until I discovered the music of James Blonde and heard their latest single ‘Hundred Bucks’.

Hailing from Niagara Falls, ON, this delightfully witty and eclectic alt-rock trio are a smorgasbord of the great 21st century rock resurgence. Picture if you can: the hard-punching rhythms of Franz Ferdinand paired with the satirically sublime underpinnings of The Darkness and you’ll start to form an idea. James Blonde are an enigma. They boast the perfect combination of driving guitars and playful lyrics that will harken you back to the golden era of late 90’s/early 00’s rock. They’re out of time, out of place, yet somehow still the perfect answer to the question “what have we been missing in rock and roll?

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The band’s latest single ‘Hundred Bucks’ will instantly transport you back to your younger years; a time when a hundred bucks was literally the most amount of cash you had ever held or could hope to hold. It expertly expresses the pure unfiltered jubilation that comes from enjoying life on its simplest terms. Cold beer; chasing girls; maybe the occasional movie with friends? These were the things that I held most dear when I was a young man still in my twenties. It’s humbling to say the least; to try and imagine myself back in that mindset.

– James Blonde

And while on the surface it might be easy to write off ‘Hundred Bucks’ as being juvenile or as an attempt to try and glorify male arrested development, there’s a much deeper meaning hidden within the song and the band. James Blonde are anti-establishment; ‘Hundred Bucks’ is anti “keeping up with the Jones’”. Rather, it’s about finding love and joy in the simple things; about how what matters most in life usually costs little – or nothing at all.

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  • I had the privilege of sharing the stage with these guys in Sault Ste Marie, and they were amazing! Tight performance, top tier professionalism, and really fun guys overall. Love the piece!

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