Juliper Sky – Reflections of the Winter Sun | An explosion of visual brilliance captured in melody

Juliper Sky -Reflections of the Winter Sun

At a time where reality is perhaps rather grim, it’s often best practice to immerse yourself in music that allows you to transport to some place better. Juliper Sky are escapism artists; creating mesmerising destinations from their dreamlike sound. ‘Reflections of the Winter Sun’, released today, is the latest single by the 5-piece and with its psychedelic synth layering, it’s a track sure to become a blissful distraction from mundane life.

A drone centres the mind before breaching its human limits and plunging you into a whirlpool of colour. The vocals float on ocean of echoing chords allowing this upbeat dreampop track to encase your troubles in a utopian fantasy. Imagine shining light through a crystal and watching the rainbow dance across the surface, the break of light inside that glass is what ‘Reflections of the Winter Sun’ by Juliper Sky emulates; an explosion of visual brilliance captured in melody.

The ethereal, almost extra-terrestrial sound effects that exist on the outskirts of the track form a boundless sonic landscape that creates this surreal atmosphere. In the midst of floating through space, the song is briefly made human again by the unexpected, yet fitting bridge, before launching into a kaleidoscopic outro. The delicate, familiar sound of birds sensitively pull you back into reality, adding the final touch to what truly is hypnotic escapism.

Juliper Sky
Juliper Sky

Listen to Juliper Sky’s ‘Reflections of the Winter Sun’, along with other tracks here via Spotify, and head to their socials to discover more.


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