Pam Risourié – Night Flowers | Teenage angst and raw vulnerability is obscured under fluid production and captured in a moment of bedroom pop


Pam Risourié are a new independent group from Paris, describing their music as funky fresh “bedroomgaze”: a blend of dreampop and intimate shoegaze. Working under record label Spinnup, the band released ‘Night Flowers’ on the 15th January 2020, which purports to remain a sapphic smash a month later.

Layers of guitars, synth and pulsating percussion create the foundations for this dreamy hit, detailing intimacy of lovers: ‘In my room / Where we just go to hide’. Shoe-gazey vocals and cross-rhythms provide an air of wonder to the listeners, masterful vocals and production suggesting this song by Pam Risourié was created by someone that knows their shit in music.

The music video follows blurry lights and emotional nights through a queer Parisian filter – ‘Waiting on the world to end / Before it gets too bright’. Warm and cold tones intersects to tell the story of an amorous relationship between two women experiencing the city in  different ways – finding commonality in l’heure d’or, connecting bodies over bodies of water, and alcohol; gay culture, immortalised in film. The narrative begins and ends with a rainy car scene – hinting at the perfect environment for the song to be enjoyed.

A standout notion to me, was the repeated mention of ‘sing for what’s left of our souls’ – teenage angst and raw vulnerability is obscured under fluid production and captured in a moment of bedroom pop, something Pam Risourié does well throughout their discography.


The saddest thing about the song is that I don’t own a car to play it in, so I’ll settle, for now, sharing earphones with my girlfriend on the Eurostar to Paris.

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  • Perfect for a summer night drive through LA. Definitely gonna be adding this one to my roadtrip playlist.

  • Super dreamy, the video and visuals add tons to the whole vibe. Will come back to this next time I can’t sleep and it’s 3am!

  • guess i’ve found a new band to listen to. this “dream gaze” is so good. i love vibe-y sapphic music : )

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