Late Reflections by Arson Daily | tastefully-crafted delayed guitars, song-steering bass lines and hooky, melodic statements

Arson Daily - Late Reflections

Resident Carolina songsmiths, Arson Daily, with their April 3rd release of album, Late Reflections is the latest group gracing my playlists and welcome they are. I normally review releases from groups all over the world, and normally set up my “perimeter for elimination”: 3 hours from showing up at my door and murdering me. For Arson Daily, I’ll make this exception.

Just out-of-market from me, 3.5 hours, wanders this band and their psych-pop, indie-soaked, guitar-based collection of songwriting gems.  Most with tastefully-crafted delayed guitars, song-steering bass lines and hooky, melodic statements in tow. Arson Daily pays close attention to detail, foremost, rhythmically speaking. Drum/rhythm tracks are well-planned out and purposeful, taking them away from the jam band genre (thankfully) but keeping them near and dear to the live band fan base. Solo sections are often shimmery and wandering, sometimes into uncharted territory but extremely welcoming such as the case in single, Glasshouse, a standout track in this collection.

Arson Daily’s awareness of being artful keeps them away from the straight-ahead rock/blues acts, a staple of America’s southern states. In fact, Arson Daily is caught in a magnetic field between many genres and refuses to give in to one or the other; it’s a nice place to be. Elements of 80’s pop, subsonic EDM, analog synth, give Arson Daily a bit of retro flavor at times. This album is accessible, it’s open to a wide demographic and that’s refreshing. Vocally, the band is next level, original sound, great tones, well-placed backing vocals, etc.; it’s all there.

Late Reflections is a strong release, way too good for an area that’s not generally noted for being musically forward (I speak of the mid Atlantic region, not Raleigh in general). Arson Daily boasts a more cosmopolitan, European flavor, right here in the home of the best BBQ in the…. Blah blah blah, I know. Feels Like Forever and Signs are standout tracks on this album as well, though not a bad cut can be found. Two thumbs up!

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