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Zach Maxwell Releases EP Album “Kill the Kingdom”

Zach Maxwell

Electro-pop-soul artist, Zach Maxwell’s latest EP ‘Kill the Kingdom,’ is a rallying cry against the Patriarchy and the systemic corruption of our society. A master at blending soulful, electro-pop vibes with unique funk-infused dance music, Maxwell’s four-track body of work delivers pop music with a call to action.

The four-track EP carries universal metaphors that act as a call to arms for anyone who is looking to change the future for the better, by confronting issues from the past and tearing down what is currently holding them back, both in their inner world, as well as in the outer world.

Produced, written, and recorded by Maxwell himself, “Kill the Kingdom” is anchored around global dance grooves, big 808’s, neo-soul chords, and Maxwell’s signature vocals. He finds inspiration from music icons such as Prince, Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson, Phish, and old school acapella gospel music.

“This EP is my way of alchemizing my anger and disillusionment of us all living under the shadow of our broken Patriarchal system,” said Maxwell. “I called upon both my own dark experiences of growing up with the patriarchal figures in my childhood, as well as my frustration and sadness at the state of affairs in America and the world today. The idea of this EP was born on the day my partner had a miscarriage, and 21 white men in Alabama simultaneously passed the strictest abortion law this country has seen since Roe. V. Wade. I had to channel my sadness and anger somewhere, and “Kill the Kingdom” is what came out.”

Maxwell was a top performer at this year’s Denver Underground Music Showcase and has come from sold-out performances at intimate venues in the heart of Denver. Maxwell has a reputable following and has been featured in publications such as Pitchfork, Music Connection, New Noise Magazine, Denver Post, 303 Magazine, and more.

“Kill the Kingdom” is now available on all digital music outlets, including Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple/iTunes, and Soundcloud. For unreleased tracks, show, and tour updates, subscribe to Zach Maxwell’s mailing list on the homepage of his website: www.zachmaxwellmusic.com.

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