Gaspar Sanz – Cheryl | an archetypal indie record that will have you tapping your toes without you even realising

Energetic Mid 00’s Indie pop-inspired track with hints of Cage the Elephant and Foster the People. This toe-tapper by Gaspar Sanz has a summery vibe that will help to lighten the mood of lockdown.

No, this is not a new track by the 17th Century Spanish composer, guitarist, organist and priest  of repute, but the newest song from his namesake indie band. On first listen, this song had me bouncing around the kitchen. Gaspar Sanz has released an archetypal indie record that will have you tapping your toes without you even realising.

Hailing from Sydney, indie-rockers Ganpar Sanz are known for their quirky, infectious tunes and “Cheryl” proves to be no exception.

Ganpar Sanz Band

The song’s inspiration comes from an unlikely source- listen carefully for the ‘Meows’. They come from Cheryl, the adopted cat of Jimmy (singer) and Sammy (drummer), who found her living as a stray. The song captures the joy and nuances of our relationships with our pets, and in turn our human compatriots, making this an even more poignant song to celebrate during lockdown.

“Cats are extremely complicated and difficult. Loving anyone, in any capacity, is never unconditional or uncomplicated, it requires constant attention and comprise, much like a relationship with a feline.”
-Gaspar Sanz

‘Cheryl’ was recorded at Golden Retriever Studios in Marickville with producer Oscar Dawson (holy Holy). Grab yourself some lockdown jollity – stick this song on loud and have a good bounce around. You won’t regret it.

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Find Cheryl and then some on our Indie/Rock/Alternative April 2020 YouTube compilation.

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