J.B. Boone – Wildfeather | subsonic lows and pulsating rhythms move the single along its heartfelt journey [premiere]

J.B. Boone - Wildfeather

J.B. Boone, American singer-songwriter is poised to release his introspective single, Wildfeather on May 8 of this year. The track secures its place within and cements in place the indie folk genre, and rightfully so, it’s a perfect specimen of such.

Continuing traditions of Mumford and The Lumineers, Boone asserts his vison and develops his sonic recipe like any seasoned songsmith. Wildfeather is a production gem, it’s mixed and mastered with the audiophile in mind, teetering between simple acoustic guitar, complete with hand and string noise, right to full-production programming and orchestration. It’s handled expertly in Wildfeather, subsonic lows and pulsating rhythms move the single along its heartfelt journey.  

J.B. Boone has even intertwined some live banjo during the choruses for a savory new layer. Not that kind of banjo either, the good kind, where it tastefully serves the song and doesn’t force you into a realm where you’re not welcome.

You can reach for heaven from a couch in Santa Fe

The juxtapose of the classic folk and modern folk sound is the real winner here. It’s what this release is made of, what sets it apart from other releases of the same. Boone also solidifies his lyricism in Wildfeather, he’s deft at it. The single will strike an emotional nerve with listeners, because it struck an emotional one with Boone and he’s a competent messenger. The claim is, it’s about courage in times of need, times of being alone or mental fragility. Boone shares prose with us such as “wrestling with the bones beneath your skin” or my favorite, “you can reach for heaven from a couch in Santa Fe”.

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It’s all worthy, Boone’s outlook on the past is the art here. Poetry meets well-crafted music. It’s that simple, or is it? This single is definitely worth our time, we’ve all been “there”, you know? Alone, scared, with no great new music in our queue…

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  • Checked out the review and listened to the tune on Spotify, what a solid Folk Rock tune. The elements of folk remain with modern and traditional instrumentation, very pleasing to any fans of Mumford and Sons, A Boy Named Banjo, or even Jamestown Revival

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