Woodlock harnesses raw emotions in weighty new single ‘Start Again’


It’s a courageous move to document intensely personal events and ensuing feelings in songs. ‘Start Again’ by Australian based band Woodlock, is the result of just such a creative outpouring, The track is beautifully crafted, a reflection of guitarist/vocalist Zech Walters difficult journey through his relationship breakdown.

Says Zech:  “Start Again’ is an interesting one for me. I wrote this in the lowest of lows; and in retrospect, I was trying to tell myself that I’m destined to be more than what I was at that time”

Zech’s opening vocal captures the raw emotions we feel when deep bonds are broken. Pain and introspection are evident throughout with softly lilting harmonies complemented by matching acoustic guitar & percussion. ‘Start Again’ also has a familial element with Zech and Eze’s sister Keryn Trinder-James, supporting them on harmonies.

The second verse admits Zech, is a struggle. He believed he and his wife would reconcile and that time might heal. The repeated refrain of  ‘we’ll start again’ towards the end of the song however, sounds more like a shift in perspective. 

Zech explains: “As time has gone on, I’ve come to realize that the words in the song came true, just not in the way I believed it would happen. We have both had to start again. But not together.”

Woodlock  was formed from the fortuitous meeting of New Zealand born brothers Zech and Eze Walters with Australian, Bowen Purcell. The trio travelled the East Coast of Australia in their caravan, busking along the way with energetic creative performances.

Settling in Melbourne, they released independent EPs Lemon (2013) and Labour of Love (2014) comprised of original songs and earning them media attention. A third Sirens,  saw them chart with the title song featuring high on iTunes and Spotify lists. With this success and single ‘Something Broke That Day’ the band embarked on an international tour headlining throughout Asia and Canada.

Zech’s marital heartbreak coincided with the band’s upward arc, and it has undoubtedly been a difficult journey for the trio as a whole. So it is a true reflection of their resilience over the last emotionally complex five years that Woodlock is back and revitalised. Add a new deal with Nettwerk Records, and fresh music recorded over the last several months cementing their renewal.. Producers Hayden Calnin (Didirri, Harrison Storm, and solo artist in his own right) and Jackson Barclay (Vera Blue, Winterbourne, Timberwolf)  are on board, crafting a new EP, Collateral. The EP according to the band, will feature organic, acoustic elements and electronic flourishes. It promises to be a candid collection of songs about heartbreak, trauma and hope.

‘Start Again’ was released 10 July, with EP Collateral out 9 October. The new single, full of the pain of loss and the hope of renewal is an indication the EP could be well worth the wait. Meantime though, lose yourself in this tender, emotive track.

You can listen to ‘Start Again’ on spotify soundcloud, iTunes and deezer

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  • Omg yes! I’m so excited for these guys! I saw them in Melbourne way back in 2015! Good to hear they’re still together 🙂

    And that harmonic guitar is stunningly beautiful matched with the gentle beat. What a heart-felt tune.

  • What a lovely track, the mix of emotions and sweet moving melody. The simple percussion just keeps the whole song moving. I feel like I’m in a perfect nostalgic road trip hearing this tune.

  • This is such a beautiful track! Makes me feel like a kid again! Love the guitars and vocals, everything lives so well together!

  • This is absolutely amazing! I’m in love with the vocals and guitar. Everything lives so well together! Lovely! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • Love this. You’re drawn in by the warmth of the gentle guitar and vocals from the beginning. The movement into the second verse with light percussion feels very organic and sits very well with the whole feel of the song.

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