Magic Bronson just keeps getting better and better

Magic Bronson just keeps getting better and better. And it’s no secret that they have become quite prolific at crossing over genre’s musically illusive boundaries. With their latest offering, Surfin, the multi-talented duo take spacey balladic-synth driven melodies and intertwine them with grungy indie rock and bass elements. The lyrics paint a grey-mattered ocean of waves that the band effortlessly surfs just for kicks.

That’s right folks. It’s time for some music you may have missed. And this time it’s the July 2nd release of Magic Bronson‘s Surfin. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s available now on all major platforms.

Just in case you’re not familiar with Magic Bronson, the Los Angeles based collaboration of Matt Lieberman (bass, synths) and Michael Nicastro (vocals, synths, production) have been spearheading music trends for nearly a decade. Their sensational and experimental melodies started when the two met in a bar in 2012. Matt and Michale say they want their music to channel that anxious unnerving energy we all feel, and then lift us to a place of ultimate solace.

The Band is also know for it intense live shows. In fact, not so long ago, L.A. audiences had to line-up outside the Troubadour, The Echo, or the Satellite just to see these two tear it up on stage. I’m sure that waiting for the day we get to see them tear it up again is quite unbearable for many SoCal fans. But hopefully, the wait will be over soon!

Magic Bronson

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