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If it’s fortune you seek, it’s right here. This is “The Fortune”

Eyes and ears open wide for this next release. Indian artists “The Fortune” put the spice into their next release, “All Eyes” releasing on 17th October 2020. The duo are no stranger to good fortune, having had their previous tracks played on the BBC Asian Network and over 50K views on their YouTube channel.

As two friends from back in their school days they take to the music scene their unique flavor of Pop, molded with a unique Indian influence, providing something fresh to the ear.

Starting off with a catchy guitar riff from the moment the track starts, the listener is emerged and taken on a journey of seeking love and passion. A short while into the track catchy female vocals are infused, providing a balance to the track that encapsulates the narrative flawlessly.

The Fortune

When asked what’s next the duo say: “After this we are working again on a new song featuring artists from other countries and also working with a few dancers for a dance style music video for that song.”
With more music shortly on the way all eyes are on this Indian Duo. If it’s fortune you seek, it’s right here. This is “The Fortune”.

Dr Dhananj Shivganesh
Dr Dhananj Shivganesh, part of The Fortune production duo, also an Anesthesiology Resident, in AIIMS, Raipur, India.

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