Well Done Coyote blends roots reggae, ska, 90’s alt, jazz and rock music into a blistering new powerhouse single

well done coyote perish and learn

Danish outfit, Well Done Coyote is new to the listening world, their first single available, Dec 11 is a crossover track that makes more than one sneaky pass at other genres. Crossover suggests that an artist has blended 2 different forms of music to create something original. Perish & Learn is more of an amalgamation. It blends roots reggae, ska, 90’s alt, jazz and rock music into a blistering new powerhouse single.

Perish & Learn is a tightly knit, jump up and go track, that will fit nicely on so many different playlists and in collections. Well Done Coyote’s rhythm section is accomplished, recorded and presented in a snug little package that leaves nothing to the imagination. Guitar, bass and drums wind us through the debut single with the dexterity of seasoned ska players, the soul of Rastafarianism and the spirit of 90s angst and rebellion.

Well Done Coyote has a message though, and it’s proof positive that the concept of betterment is alive and well in the world. Perish & Learn is a fable, a teaching device, a compass of morality for the planet; learning from past mistakes made by society can always turn the tides in the opposite direction. The new single is lyrically profound, spitfire, intelligent and uses creative word play, something that sometimes gets lost in a song with a positive message. Often music and art of this sort loses its edge when it makes that turn. Perish & Learn is one of the few examples where the opposite occurs, it’s the kind of track that physically moves you, captures you and then takes you by surprise when you realize you’re listening to a positive message; it should be illegal.

Well Done Coyote

This track is off to a great start in its journey of changing minds and reintroducing some forms of music that are not lost, but sometimes sifted through. At 7:23, this single is an epic, thanks to a deep space jam that happens midstream.  It’s really a high point of the song, it’s, well, music. Never lose sight of that when listening to anything, and we’ll never send the music police to your door.

A well-crafted, bit of instrumentation never killed anyone, and what’s 7:23 between friends, right? The band plans to release 2 more singles in Jan/Feb of 2021. Well Done, Coyote.

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