Folk artist Jessie Monk offers space for reflection in the form of her beautiful new single ‘Turns Out I’m Someone Else’

Jessie Monk - Turns Out I'm Someone Else

Hailing from GunaKurnai land in Australia and now residing in Berlin, Jessie Monk is an emerging artist who crafts reflective acoustic tunes seemingly designed to lift spirits and spread a sense of connectedness. Her effortlessly beautiful, soaring voice is an instant pull and indie folk fans will love her pairing of pure, soaring vocals with warm, intricate strums of a guitar. If you’re looking for something folksy and brightening to daydream to, Monk has you covered.

The second single from her upcoming debut EP ‘Here, Now’, ‘Turns Out I’m Someone Else’ is a song that let Monk’s heavenly vocals to take centre-stage as she gently imparts her introspective wisdom through earnest and relatable lyricism. She reflects on her humanity and flaws with sweet honesty singing lines like “I do not know anything, only these words that I sing” with grounded charm that endears us to her instantly.

Monk has a natural way of storytelling through song – gently weaving simple moments from her day together with the deeper thoughts that float through her mind as she interacts with the world around her. This peaceful folk offering feels like a gentle exercise in catharsis and a genuine space for reflection that Monk has built for herself, but generously permitted us to peek into.

Monk describes how her songs are inspired by the many different people she has met, and watching the music video of ‘Turns Out I’m Someone Else’, this’ll come as no surprise. The stripped-back visual captures Monk singing her song to the camera. As the song progresses, she shifts into the many kind and wise people she has connected with in life, transforming from one to the other and to herself as the song plays out. It’s a touching tribute to the people who the artist is clearly very proud to call her friends and a lovely match for the heartfelt tune.

jessie monk
Jessie Monk

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