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Keep Running Back To ‘Forever’ by Crownz

Everyone wants to stay young. Crownz is no exception. Comprised of 4 ambitious twenty- somethings – Karly, Bryce, Christian & DJ Crownz – this vibrant group has been graciously dubbed a modern day “Peter Pan & the Lost Boys,”

Crownz music illustrates love, pain and their shared fight against the threshold of adulthood. Continuing the trend, Crownz even defies the pseudo established laws of genres as their sound is not just relegated to a DJ spinning pop in the club circuit. Far from it. Their lyrics and music are a playful fusion of Synth Pop, EDM and Trap combined with analog Rock instrumentation to create a futuristic sound with a hint of ’80s lineage. Jarring synth arrangements, swoops and plucks of airy guitars, empowering vocals and clattering drum claps of a thousand drone armies defines their approach as modern and ambiguous enough to appeal to any rebellion.

It should come as no surprise that Crownz matches their stellar sound with a perfectly formulated stage show including syncopated, detailed light displays and non stop energy permeating throughout their raucous performances.

‘Forever’ is a song about toxic relationships at its finest. Dealing with the push and pull of toxic relationships and how they make you want to leave but can’t and having it be such a struggle to actually get up and leave when you know you should and being in a “situationship” with that person and facing the fact of “lets just chill, have sex, and be confused on the fact that we are not together but have feelings for each other.”

This song was the most heartfelt and emotional song we’ve written as a band and we’re so excited to be sharing it with everyone especially those who can relate to it. 

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