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the world is ending on March 26, 2021 with the release of “GROUND ZERO”

For her upcoming first single “GROUND ZERO”, K3NDY joined forces with fellow hip/hop going pop/punk artist Rass Limit. The two artists created a thought-provoking, headbanging track referring to the end of the world. “GROUND ZERO” touches upon the disastrous core of human kind and their greed for always wanting more, this being the reason for the destruction of planet earth.

Melodically and lyrically empowering, merging pop & rock together, the track undergoes a motivational journey fueled by fast paced, upbeat drums.

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Rass Limit

Ramon Stoops
the authorRamon Stoops
K3NDY is a Cologne based singer/songwriter. Her sound variates between Pop Punk, Pop-Rock and Emo-Pop. Rass Limit, born Ramon Manolo Stoops, is a Cologne based hip hop artist going pop punk. His passion for hip hop started at a young age when he came in touch with American music of the 90s, which ultimately inspired him to make music himself. Since then he’s been developing his own sound inspired by many different artists and genres, old and new, rooted in punk, alternative rock and hip hop

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