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Keep Mars Red Interview | Packed with grit and grime

keep mars red

Keep Mars Red dedicates itself with devotion to otherworldly compositions of heartbreaking Indie’n’Pop’n’Alternative- symphonies. They meet regularly over tea to mend their broken pants, dreaming of a Nevercomeback vacation on Mars. Packed with grit and grime.

We sat down with Aby Crows to get to know the band.

Where do you come from? What brought you together?

We are a band from Kassel/Germany. We were, like almost all bands, very slowed down by Corona. Through a scholarship from the GVL and the program Neustart Kultur we were able to start again, with the first song “Raindrops”.

Tell us about your track ‘Raindrops’. What’s the process behind it?

The song has the message that we should take better care of our planet earth and not go through everyday life carefree. It is frightening what is happening here. On many levels. We absolutely have to do something about it and we can only do it together.

How could you describe your music?

It’s always very hard to describe your own music because you are so deeply rooted in it. I would be happy if you could help us with that. But maybe it’s difficult at the moment with the first song we released. We also have slower and rockier songs that are still waiting to be released. So we just call it Indie’n’Pop’n’Alternative at the moment.

Describe your creative process when writing new music

It’s always a snapshot. Suddenly a sentence or a melody or even a guitar riff comes into my head and then I build a song around it and the rhythm section on the bass and drum make it really sound.

What message would you like to give to your fans?

Listen to new unknown bands as well. There is such an incredible potential of good music. Check out new and also small playlists and put songs in your own playlist.

Who do you see as your main competitor?

We shouldn’t always be thinking about competitors. Everyone does what they think is good and right, and that’s perfectly okay. You should do what you like yourself. Whether and how many other people like it, you will see then and you can’t influence that anyway.

If you had to write a theme song for a movie, which movie would it be? And would it be a current song? Or would you write a new one?

It’s not a theme song, but I wrote a song ABOUT a movie. It’s a German movie called “Bandits.” The pianist in the movie said a popular phrase: “Death lasts the whole life and ends when it happens”. The song is about this pianist Marie/Mary (Jutta Hoffmann) and her thoughts, longings and this phrase. We will also publish it, the title is “Nevermind”.

What color(s) would your music be for people who suffer from synesthesia?

synesthesia: the production of a sensory impression related to one sense or body part by stimulating another sense or body part such as seeing colors for sounds or words

Wow, now that’s an intriguing question. I actually read a little more about synaesthesia first. It is not defined as a disease but as an incredible phenomenon. Hmm, well, everybody has his individual favorite colors. So I can only say in which colors I would see our music. I see it as a mixture of blue, green and orange. It’s also exciting that you can taste music. I definitely need to read more.

keep mars red

What do you want people to do while listening to your song?

I want them to dance and get a good feeling from it. But I also want them to think and listen to the lyrics. I like to write in metaphors a little bit and hope it makes people think. Every writer has thoughts while writing that they like to share with the public in their lyrics.

What was the most hilarious gig you ever gave, why was it so hilarious?

Well, if it’s so hilarious for outsiders I don’t know. For us it was funny. It was once in a beer garden, an afternoon concert. I don’t remember how, but suddenly there were twice as many children on stage as musicians. We spontaneously gave them jingles, hurdy-gurdies and things like that to accompany us, and they were even allowed to sing along. It was terrible chaos. Think of how crooked children sometimes sing. Also note: we don’t actually do children’s concerts!!! In fact, we were much more rocking back then. The benefit for us: the parents were thrilled and therefore there have never been so many photos of a concert with us. Grin Funny or not you decide.

Who is your secret support/motor/music/emotional financial support for your band?

It’s no secret that we are supported by the GVL and the Neustart Kultur program with a scholarship.

What is your routine for writing a song? What’s the strangest moment/place/way a song came about? And the most boring?

There is no routine. The best ideas come to me when I’m on vacation in my van or sitting on the toilet 😀
The most boring moment while writing a song was during the lockdown.

What is the best advice a musician has ever given you?

Perfectionism is not the most important thing in making music. Play and sing with your soul, that will touch people.

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