Things You Should Know Before Buying a Guitar

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If you are a music student or decided to learn guitar and wanted to buy a guitar for you then there are a lot of things you have to consider while making any decision.

You always search about things before buying and the same things are applied to the guitar. Some people ask their friends and music teacher to find the best guitar for them. But after all measures, you remain anxious about finding the suitable guitar for you.

Here in the blog, I will tell you the basic things which you should keep in mind before buying any guitar for you. let’s start 

Focus on the purpose of buying

The main thing is to focus on your purpose of buying a guitar. You think about yourself. Are you buying to learn at college or buying to play in the show? 

You should know your purpose; this thing will narrow down your decision. For example, if you are a student of music or want to play in a concert, you should buy an expensive and special guitar for you.

Sometimes, you want a guitar only for enjoyment purposes but you should buy the guitar according to your purpose. If you already have a guitar and want to buy a new one, then you can compare the old one with the new guitar. Do you want to get an acoustic guitar or an electric? You should consider your purpose first.

Type of body of the guitar

Body of the guitar matters. If you have decided to buy an acoustic guitar, then you should consider the body of the guitar which you want. Some people like a shallow body guitar because with this type of guitar you can easily reach around and play.

So, you should buy a guitar with a different body for your ease. If you want a lightweight body that feels easy to carry, then you should buy a guitar with a light body.

Things of focus in a guitar

There are the following things which you should focus on while buying a guitar.


If you are a guitar lover, you know about the action. Well, I’ll tell you. The action is referred to as the distance between the top of your frets to the bottom of your strings. 

Pitch accuracy

You should focus on the intonation or pitch accuracy of the guitar. How can you check the pitch accuracy? Guitar strings are tuned using their tuning keys. You can check the pitch by using the key with high and low pressure. If you increase the tension, the pitch will increase. 

Neck straightness

If you have a guitar with a straight neck, I will work properly and you can enjoy the play. But if a straight neck makes bad noises you should change the neck or style of holding.

You can buy new or used

You have the choice to buy a new or used guitar. Not all used guitars are bad, you can find some old guitars with proper functions. It is cheaper than the new guitar. But if you want to buy a used guitar you should check the sound of the guitar. You should examine the guitar thoroughly whether it has damage or not. Take the guitar and plug it into an amp and play for a while to check the effective working of the guitar.

If you want to buy a new guitar, do the same things with it. But the new one will be expensive and maybe has some warranty with it. so, it is your choice to buy the guitar but you should choose between the two options.

You should consider your price range

Price range matters. You have to ask yourself how much you want to spend on the guitar. If you consider your price range first, you can save a lot of money. because if you are not considering your range and go to the music store, you may buy an expensive guitar. So, according to your price range, you should research the different prices and compare them with your budget.

As you know, quality guitars are more expensive than others. For example, if you like the brand, material, and accessories then you have to pay more for that guitar. 


  • I guess the most important thing for me, as a beginner and now as a pre-professional player, has always been to play the instrument. So many people order guitars online nowadays but I really would recommend to go to a shop. This way you support your local shops but you will also be able to try playing different instruments which to me makes all the difference in deciding what I want.

  • As a guitar teacher who has often helped my students with buying their guitars I find these tips really helpful! Another tip would be not to spend too little on a new guitar even if you’re not 100% sure whether you keep playing/practising for a long time, yet.
    Really cheap guitars are much harder to sell than guitars that cost a tad more but are still in the affordable price range. Plus the cheap ones often become very frustrating to play after a short while because they usually have qc issues and might feel really uncomfortable in your hands…

  • I’ll definitely think about the purpose of the guitar next time I am in the market, thanks!

  • Things I wished I knew before I ended up spending a lot through the years, spend wisely everyone!
    Great tips here

  • Buy a guitar that feels comfortable first so you keep on playing and practicing. The reward is later when you can upgrade your guitar as well as hear yourself play better after much practice.

  • This article rocks with guitar buying advice, but remember to rock out with quality guitar parts too! Don’t get lost in the music and forget well-built components. Cheap guitars often skimp here, leading to frustrating breaks and tonal woes. Invest in a well-made axe with a comfy neck for fretting ease, sturdy tuners for precise pitches, and quality wood for killer sound. This ensures your guitar shreds, strums, and solos alongside you for years to come!

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