Stars new single ‘One More Try’ launches into the cosmos

Hot on the heels of a new lineup announcement, Australian band Stars have launched their new single ‘One More Try’, into the cosmos. They premiered the song at a special launch last Friday 21st April, historic Thornbury Theatre in Thornbury, Melbourne hosting the event.

The Song

‘One More Try’ comes from the pen of Pealing & Charles, originally started for the band’s last album ‘One More Circle Round The Sun’. Wanting to celebrate the new lineup, they dusted off this tune and the band got together promptly to try it out. Singer Mick Pealing says:

‘A feel was found based loosely on Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop’ with some nice guitar and pedal steel licks added and…voila!’

It certainly has a jaunty swagger to it, despite its weighty inspiration. Mick reveals the lyrics are rooted in ’60s idealism, in the power to change, and that unrealistic belief in perfection, which leads to the perpetual giving it ‘one more try’. Well, we are certainly glad Mick and Nick gave this one another shot, because they have written a gem of a song, with the band swiftly polishing it into a diamond. 

Bassist Roger McLachlan reveals just how quickly the song came together:

One rehearsal at my place, into Toyland Studios the next day and bang! down it goes just like the old days; an all in live recording with the minimum of fuss.’

I love this. I’m a big believer in less is more, particularly when it comes to art. Endless reworking often sucks the soul out of a song, a painting, a story. There is a rawness and a magic that can be found in live recording, and Stars have captured that essence with ‘One More Try’. Ironically then, not giving it one more try. seems to have worked very well for this song,

Roger also mentions how much he loves that interplay between guitars and pedal steel.  It is indeed a big part of what makes this tune special, and serves as a fine introduction for the two ‘newbies’ –  Ed Bates on pedal steel and Geoff Achison on lead guitar, with Nick Charles rounding out on rhythm guitar. Overlay that with Mick’s superb vocals and backed by the engine room comprising Roger and drummer Erik Chess, and you have what Roger aptly describes as a ‘groovy little shuffle’.

Kudos too goes to Adam Calaitizs of Toyland Studio ,who has spun his engineering magic on this tune. Adam has worked with Stars on their recent albums, and also Mick and Nick’s solo album. He has a great feel for what these guys are about, and it shows in spades on ‘One More Try’.

More Kudos to Roger’s partner Desley who filmed the guys at home and at the studio, and with some editing from Roger, they have created a nice little video to go with the single.

One More Try, Stars
Video recording Desley Lodwick Editing and production Roger McLachlan

The Launch

Stars were in fine form at the single launch, seamlessly melding vintage tracks from the pen of Andy Durant with the newer tracks written by Charles and Pealing. You can read more about the band and their catalog in an earlier feature on Stars.

‘One More Try’ was revealed to the crowd midway through the show, and enthusiastically received with much cheering and clapping, and more than a little toe tapping . It marks another chapter happily added to this band’s illustrious story. Each member had a turn at a solo spot in their encore rendition of ‘Rocky Mountain Way’  with Erik Chess yet again displaying his quirky sense of humour. 

The venue had a few sound and lighting issues, and poor Roger had no voice, but these setbacks did little to hold back this band of consummate professionals. The audience left yet another Stars gig smiling, humming a new tune, and eagerly looking forward to the next show.

Mick and Nick modelling the new band shirts.

Special mention to Desley and Penny on merch at Friday’s launch , greeting the punters many requests for the new shirt and single with a smile

And, next…

An album may be in the works with the guys apparently working on new material, and the band will play in September at Memo Music Hall, so hopefully another new song or two to add to their already jam packed repertoire. For now though, give the new song one more try (see what I did there ?! )…it can’t help but make you groove with that catchy melody!

ps – Roger is back in fine voice by the way!

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