Subpar Snatch Shakes Up Punk Scene with ‘Adam In Your DM’s

“Songs about f*ck boys, elevating incarcerated lives; all the while waving at our dads… While in drag.”

Subpar Snatch Adam In Your DM's

Hailing, loudly and brashly, all the way from Austin in Texas, Subpar Snatch, who describe themselves proudly as being, “like a perfect cheeseburger, everything U need, nothing U don’t”, released their latest single, Adam In Your DM’s, earlier this month. It is urgent and intense but not overpowering or intimidating. Jess Scott’s voice is raw throughout her storytelling, beseeching yet passionate, and in places almost mocking: here is a girl who has something to say, and you are gonna listen!

The new single is coloured by a thumping drum interwoven with a far-away melodic bass, with touches of Alanis Morrisette, the Idles, DFA 1979, and even Elvis Presley, Cee Cee assures me. Adam In Your DM’s is 2 and a half minutes of punk-fuelled, head-on rush and head-down charge, roused by the most dramatic of pauses when you least expect it, that stimulates and invigorates but allows you to take the chance to gasp in that much needed breath… Before going again, foot smashed down to the pedal.

“Chicago meets Texas. Aggressive, pumping sounds meet lyrical redneck poignancy. Songs about f*ck boys, elevating incarcerated lives; all the while waving at our dads… While in drag,” they declare with a proud smile.

So,  and choosing for the moment to ignore the elephant in the room, namely the band’s absorbing name and that unapologetic logo that stamps into your wide-eyed face, we start the interview rather serenely, and discuss the new song.

How did it come about? What’s it about? And who the hell is Adam?

“We just got in our practice room and played,” Cee Cee, the band’s drummer, informs me. “Bass and drums first, melodies during, and finally the lyrics. It starts with a beat, or a bass line.

“We jam,” she continues, “and an idea eventually pops up and we roll with it. Jess writes the majority of the lyrics in the room as well.”

And Adam?

“This song is about when Adam Levine [lead singer with Maroon 5] got caught cheating on his wife via published Instagram private messages. It’s about a bad decision.”

Subpar Snatch are Cee Cee Email on drums, Nate Ribner, aka Nate Riffner, on bass and Jess Scott, on vocals.

“Cee Cee and Nate were in a band together previously,” Jess reveals, “they became buds. Now we’re all married. To each other. That’s right.”

“No it’s not,” Cee Cee laughs, for it’s only him and Jess that are married.

Nate describes himself as “a tall, handsome glass of trash”. He comes from Chapel Hill but has lived in Austin for a while now, and has been in several successful projects before Subpar… Noticeably, Young Tongue and Lowin’.

“Nate’s mom regularly likes our social media posts,” Cee Cee laughs.

Subpar Snatch
Adam In Your DM's
Subpar Snatch

Cee Cee Email is forever “a hopeful millennial”, a self-taught drummer and drag artist from Chicago, who books and manages the band’s growing schedule, and then diligently looks after and organises their local network that is rapidly growing.

“Cee Cee shakes the hands and kisses le babies.”

Jess is a native Texan, who, according to her bandmates, wants to make you move your body and, or, feel things.

“The best days for Jess are when she gets to play with the Snatch. One time her dad came to a show and got kicked out.” Poor dad, but that is very punk!

As well as penning the band’s lyrics, she somehow finds the time to put together the designs for all their social media needs, their album art and their merchandise.

Their influences are most definitely eclectic; from the previously mentioned Idles, Morrisette and DFA, to Carole King via Nine Inch Nails, Tom Petty and the Viagra Boys, and all with a little bit of Pharrell thrown in to the mix for good luck and a little touch of R&B smoothness.

And so to the name, which you just have to love – I can just imagine the shock in the home counties if they’re ever announced by Jeremy Vine over Radio 2’s lunchtime airwaves, just after the latest traffic report of queues on the M25.

“Byyyaahhh! Thank you so much, we are glad you like it! A friend, and regional stand up comedian, Rochelle McConnico was hanging with Jess. She spoke of how a man made her, ‘feel like some subpar snatch.’ We joked about it, about how, if we made a band, we should call it that. So then we did!” And just wait ’til you lay your eyes on the band’s provocative logo, leaving very little to the imagination and no doubt designed to intrigue, if not shock!

So, what of their future plans and hopes?

“In our second year, playing shows and being in a band, we’d like to…” Here they ponder.

“Play live shows, in Houston and San Antonio, Portland and NYC.”
“Host a stupid fun music video release party,” Cee Cee quickly adds excitedly. “For our next single, Juicy Booty’.”

“Write more songs!” To which they all agree.

Adam In UR DM’s was released on the 9th of February

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