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Codename Colin – Losing Touch

Western Canada is currently on fire and my home city of Vancouver has been blanketed in smoke for weeks. When the morning sun rises as an apocalyptic red orb through the grey haze that obscures the mountains it’s apparent we need something to break the sweltering apathy that comes with facing the end of days

A catalyst to combat the feeling that there is nothing we can do to turn the tide of humanity’s almost certain demise. Codename Colin arrived in my inbox at a perfect time to break my self-indulgent diet of Nick Cave and Laibach. A necessary reminder of the energy and positivity that exists to provide crucial balance to the terminal twilight. ​
Ska is perfect summer music and Codename Colin perform it flawlessly. “Losing Touch” cuts through the smoke shrouded sky above me and continues the long lineage of high quality British ska. The song bridges the sound of the two tone groups I grew up on like Selector, The Specials, and Madness and third wave bands like Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish. Tandem saxophones are used effectively for emphasis and melodic elements and the drummer keeps it at a tight breakneck speed.
​Perhaps my favorite thing about this song is that on the surface it may appear to be about a man lamenting a lost love but according to the press release it is actually about missing time spent with a dog named Cosmo. My love of the canine species runs deep and I feel there just aren’t enough songs dedicated to the unique quality of their unconditional love. Most of all Codename Colin succeeded in breaking through my state of morose fatalism and gave me something to dance about. The value in that alone is limitless. ​
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Bruce Wilson was born in the American south and after innumerable global relocations he now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bruce grew up listening to his parents’ copy of The Velvet Underground’s White Light/White Heat and quickly moved on to The Stooges, David Bowie, and The Dead Boys. These days he is a writer and sings for the Vancouver based band “Sunday Morning” who released their epymonious debut album in early 2017. He’d like to have a dog but his apartment is too small.

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