Turning Point by Good Terms: uplift your spirits with this emo anthem

Combining the D.I.Y joy of Martha and Fresh with the perfect hometown-emo of A Day To Remember and Real Friends, this latest release from Los Angeles outfit Good Terms is a properly cathartic hit of pop punk. Buzzing electric guitars from Ivan Barry and Zach Boucher pair with powerful drums and emphatic vocals from lead Brian McShea, the heaviness driven hard by bass from Geo Botelho.

Away from emo stereotypes of pessimism and doom, the instantly catchy lyrics speak to bringing yourself back from the brink; “You remind me I’m capable of joy/I know this moment isn’t permanent/But you remind me that it’s worth it, it’s worth it”. Good Terms explain that ‘Turning Point’ is “a celebration of the moments that have brought possibility and excitement back into our lives. We all often find ourselves in relationships that have turned lacklustre. After a while, it can be easy to start believing they’re all we deserve. Luckily, sometimes all it takes to shake us from that illusion is a small but genuine act of kindness, passion, or warmth. When these moments hit, they can feel like waking from a bad dream and receiving a new lease on happiness and joy.”

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This uplifting sentiment certainly comes through in the energy of the track, peaking with hammering breakdowns that, in non-pandemic circumstances, would prompt chaotic mosh-pits and heavy head-banging. A spoken outro brings this perfect contrast of hardcore and tenderness to a close, vowing that “it’s not gonna be this way forever”. ‘Turning Point’, though, should truly stand the test of time.

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