Saints of Valory – Red Smoke

Growing up in the Netherlands, I’ve visited the red light district in Amsterdam once or twice ;). It’s a strange, but interesting world out there. Especially if you have only seen pictures or videos. “Red Smoke” by “Saints of Valory” is about lust, love and midnight escapades. It’s a portrait of what an uninhibited teenage fantasy would sound like.

I think, although the red light district isn’t Amsterdam, and Amsterdam isn’t the Netherlands, it always has and always will appeal to unfulfilled teenage hearts. ?Nonetheless, “Red Smoke” was heavily influenced by the fantasy Gavin had how different life would be like growing up there. Who doesn’t want to fantasize about this AND write great Rock songs?

red smoke, cheap sex

Red Smoke most certainly is a must-hear for any fan of Imagine Dragons and should be on any alt-rock playlist out there. The third track from their upcoming album is an electronic unfused alternative rock anthem with a catchy chorus that you just can’t get out of your head.

Let’s hope Gavin’s dad will keep sending him interesting pictures to write songs about!

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