Seaborne – Hypnotise

The repetition of a Peter Hook bass line. The elegant phrasing of a Leonard Cohen verse. The naturally beautiful intonations of Chrissie Hynde’s voice over Martin Chambers’ perfect meter. All great music is born from a hypnotic nature.

Seaborne knows this and their new song “Hypnotise” opens with a heartbeat. We are consummated through the rhythm of two hearts and from that point of origin it’s the steady pulse that drives us. Underlies everything. Upon this simple synthesized recreation of life Seaborne builds a beautifully mesmeric song. Maryse Bernard’s entrancing voice swings around Solomon Krause-Imlach’s beats and perfectly minimal synth tracks.

I can’t speak to the lyrical content. The song is sung in French and despite my years as a child in French immersion I’m not comfortable in attempting a formal translation. But in many ways the lyrics are secondary and this song’s strength is in its ability to captivate. “Hypnotise” translates on a core emotional level. It draws us into the warmth of its reverie and provides comfort in the dark cage of short autumnal days. This song shines as an enduring beacon that pulses hypnotically through November’s murky misshapen light.

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Bruce Wilson
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