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TEST – Living Fossil

When researching Los Angeles-based punk rockers ‘TEST’, I was relieved to discover that, according to their Spotify profile “TEST is not a project. TEST is a band.” Coincidence or not, we love bands! And what a band they are. The trio of young men, who have bonded like brothers over brisk, gritty rock with punk abandon, released their new album “Brain In / Brain Out” on November 10th.
Their single “Living Fossil is an amalgamation of 70s punk, mid 90s Britpop and early 00 garage rock and TEST do it really well. It’s powerful, energetic and very dynamic. Vocalist Blake’s raw, edgy voice shows great confidence.

Vocalist Blake Stokes says on the track

“Living Fossil is all about juxtaposition. It’s about the past, the present and how those two might bargain with each other to determine the future. Includes shout outs to nasal steroids, the futility of modern life and the now demolished Spectrum Movie theater in Houston Texas.”

“Living Fossil” is never boring or overly complex, it’s a strong, melodious just-over-2:30 minutes track. Aggressively forceful, ferociously driving & intense. And we wouldn’t expect less from an exciting punk track by a ditto band.

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