‘Crystals’: A Cautionary Tale Wrapped in Jewelofdenial’s Unique Alt Rock Sound

jewelofdenial crystals

Jewelofdenial is an alternative rock project from singer, songwriter Stephen Singh. Born in Trinidad and raised in South Brooklyn, Stephen was inspired by a huge variety of musical influences and genres, including psychedelia, heavy metal, alternative rock, pop, street rap and classical, and his new single Crystals, released earlier this month, shows every one of those footprints.

Crystals is a track reminiscent of other new, emerging acts, such as Square Dance Caller, J Mahon, or Tired Cossack, each woven from the same musical cloth but all travelling separately along the freshly lain path of mood-fuelled resonant suggestion and reflective expression; occasionally deep and meaningful, and yet still easily accessible, a modern day interpretation of the 1970’s conscience of morals and values as once led by the likes of Neil Young or James Taylor, just with the fertile resourcefulness of underground beats and ever attentive strings.

Singh’s is a voice pulling at its leash, desperate to tell you everything whilst there’s still time, and, “still learning everyday”. The guitar, almost remorseful, is the dissenting voice, either of reason or warning, or perhaps a combination of the two, but giving Crystals its moment of doubt. But it ends abruptly, harshly, so is the lesson learned?

By his own admission, Jewelofdenial is an innovative project that imaginatively incorporates experimental music with beat driven melodic hooks and heavy alternative rock laden guitar, invigorated and nurtured by a constantly rotating line-up of supporting musicians and artists that enable and encourage Stephen Singh to paint his tapestry of vibrant musical landscapes that he refers to as, “a dreamland of maverick thought and authentic expression.”

jewelofdenial crystals

This is his unique take on alternative art rock, he explains, glam but with an underground attitude, and his new song a, “eulogy of a people pleaser as they climb the ladder to heaven and lament their struggles before the rope snaps and sends them plummeting back to earth.” A cautionary tale to those of us desperately trying to be all things to all people.

Crystals was released on the 12th of February

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