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Skydiggers – Warmth of the Sun

Canadian folk rockers Skydiggers released their 9th studio album, Warmth of the Sun, on October 20th. The veterans have been around for 30 years and their latest release shows that they still have it in them: writing catchy, honest and compassionate songs.

In an ever-changing world, Skydiggers’ new album spreads a message of hope and reconciliation. The first track on the album, the title track, is about being honest with yourself, in order to get to a better place.
“Can the warmth of the sun heal anyone? Can the stars and the moon reveal the truth?”

The vocal harmony is spot on, production top notch and a meandering bass line ties everything together. This artfully aesthetic, clean song isn’t a new current to the genre but who cares? If you’re in the business over 30 years, you’re pioneers.    skydiggers2.jpg
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