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Hemmingway – EP review

A prowling panther, elegant, black, silky, smooth, moves with brilliance, outshines the rays of sunlight, capturing it most glorious pupil.
A saboteur stalking its target, with splendour and grace, performing a dance before it takes its prey.

Hemmingway burst on the scene in 2017 with their brilliant debut EP ‘Rise Again’. A 2 piece Drum n Gaze, electro dance outfit from Essex.

Stand out track ‘This Ain’t All About You’ gently glides along with a subtle power, ready to explode teasing you like a panther.

Their music comes from the more uplifting side of the liquid drum bass genre, think Sub Focus, Metrik & London Electricity.

There’s also a sophisticated edge to their sound, using real instruments with CeCe Hemmings' soulful vocals, adding a sheen to their sound

The band have pedigree, having been involved with The Shamen back in the 90’s.

You can catch Hemingway supporting LegPuppy at the New Cross Inn on 11th January. Bring your dancing shoes, as this is going to be a night for soulful drum n bass fans.

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Darren is the creative force behind South Londons trip-hop / electro-punk trio LegPuppy. Critics have been dishing out the praise from all angles. If you see them live, you will definitely remember their show.

He has always been involved in music in one way or another, designing CD sleeves, posters & flyers before DJing and now fronting a band.

Discovering new bands has always been his passion. His reviews are written in the form of visual poetry, creating a picture and capturing a moment.

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