Limon Limon – Normal Now is a celebration. It’s about embracing the personal freedom that comes from loving yourself for exactly who and what you are.

Limón Limón - Normal Now

We’re all terrified. That’s the mark of the society we live in nowadays and it’s been that way for some time. But it isn’t a fear of war or famine that keeps us awake at night, it’s something closer to the heart. Something much more personal. What we fear above all else: is rejection. Being looked at as different or as somehow separate from the pack. We measure our personal worth in terms of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. The technology that connects us is also what helps to fuel our most divisive tendencies. So the question becomes: why in a world that claims to value and espouse individuality is everything so much the same?

That’s the query that L.A. based future-indie duo Limon Limon are attempting to answer. Their latest single ‘Normal Now’ is a lyrical expose of two all too familiar perspectives across the gender spectrum. The pair sing of forced conformity in the face of fear; of a young woman caged and made to feel as if she needs saving. Balance that with a story of a man convinced that there is something inherently ‘wrong’ deep inside himself; a showcase of pure surrender to one’s own inner turmoils. It’s an epidemic of self-loathing that seeks to redefine our perceptions of ourselves; of normality. But in the year 2020, what exactly is normal now? What does that even mean?

Well, the message riding on the retro synth-pop wave of Limon Limon is one of pure abnormality. One which encourages listeners to tear down the foundation of the status quo brick by brick. The track is a brilliant electro-pop collective, reminiscent of Phoenix and Empire of the Sun at their peak performance. The resounding lyric of “don’t you see that you’re unique?” is a battle cry for the disenfranchised. Like a beacon of light in the darkest storm it provides hope that something better lies just beyond the horizon. That the ‘right now’ of any given situation is temporary – that this too shall pass. ‘Normal Now’ is a celebration. It’s about embracing the personal freedom that comes from loving yourself for exactly who and what you are. Totally. Completely. Unapologetically.

Limón Limón
Limón Limón

So what is normal now? Hell if I know; or anyone for that matter. It’s an arbitrary and subjective term that traps humanity in a cell of fear and insecurity. ‘Normal’ is safe. ‘Normal’ is uninspired. We’re capable of of being better than just ‘normal’. We are the dreamers and builders of worlds. But that kind of creativity isn’t a given. In fact, the only real way to awaken it is to cast off the shackles and restraints of what society deems to be ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’ in the first place. To stand before the world unafraid, embracing the inner self and proudly letting your freak-flag fly. It’s this unfiltered honesty in their musical approach that make Limon Limon stand out. They are 100% NOT normal. And I absolutely love them for it.

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