Ian Late -One By One

From the start of ‘One by One’, the upbeat yet relaxed vibe and tempo overall is apparent. Both the acoustic and electric guitar provide the basis of this within the track, with the inclusion of the electric guitar heightening the original sound of the acoustic guitar. The light drum pattern also contributes to the upbeat feel of the song, whilst simultaneously providing the track with an ultimately ‘relaxing’ aspect. When listening to these elements combined within the track, the listener can imagine themselves relaxing on a summer’s evening with this song playing in the background.

Although the track does provide an overall upbeat/relaxing vibe, the ‘electronic’ backing within the song does provide an almost ‘space’-like feel throughout (especially during the chorus) that is similar to something that may be found on the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ soundtrack. It definitely gives the song’s style a slight ‘edge’ in terms of ‘traditional’ indie-folk songs.

As with any emerging (and existing) artists, there is always room for improvement- big or small. Late may have improved this track by possibly exploring a range of vocals e.g. different melodies, backing vocals and style (however this would also depend on the overall song and intended ‘message’). He could have also considered creating more of a defined breakdown by exploring the use of the drums, electric guitar and ‘electronic’ backing, both individually and collectively.
Overall ‘One by One’ is definitely a track that provides easy listening, with calming vocals and a relaxing vibe overall. Despite being an emerging artist, it is clear that Iain Late has set the foundations of the style he wishes to follow with future tracks, as well as the path he wants to follow within the indie-folk/pop genre.

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Rio Dennis
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