Easy Wanderlings – Faces

I’m conflicted about summer. As the city around me escapes to bucolic gulf islands and pristine mountain lakes I always feel like I’m not doing enough. Not making proper use of these months of long days and warm weather bestowed upon us. Whenever I’m asked what my summer plans are I never know what to say. The weight of indecision holds me motionless within the humid expanse of possibilities. The Easy Wanderlings song “Faces” is a musical interpretation of how summer feels to me. I’m drawn by a melancholic feeling of separation from the world that appears to move in straight purposeful lines without me. My restricted vision sees everything from a distance unable to attach.

Easy Wanderlings are based in Pune, India but they draw from a global community of influences. “Faces” floats timelessly without the burden of nationality. The line “Could you tell me where I could find a new face to put on” speaks to all of summer’s broken hearts. Soft and tender vocals yearn for a promise of connection in the feverish stretch of time that breaks our twilight dreams. Its melody turns in familiar arcs yet skillfully remains fresh and poignant.

The arrangement and mix on this song is flawless. Acoustic guitar picks simple chords on top of sparse piano and lush subtle strings. The trumpet outro is the color of the languid blue sky and pulls us into the infinite space in between days. I get lost in this song and in this drifting amongst faces I’m reminded that the world is a much bigger place than I could ever see. I need these reminders or my sight remains narrow and I’m unable to move beyond the restrictive tunnel of my life. A new face and new perspective.

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