MAIORANO – Glorious Days

This music is meant to share, like draft beer, not the cell phone video of antics from the previous night.

So, at least twice a year I do this: I get a single to review and immediately have to go back and listen to the whole album. MAIORANO delivered.

Upon first listen of the single, Just a Little Bit Closer, MAIORANO instantly transports you back to a time when frat boys jumped from couch to couch instead of burying themselves in their phones and devices. A time when people went to shows for the experience, not to stand there and record it. This was a whole other era, and I don’t begrudge anyone for missing it, hell, you can’t decide when you were born.

But just to imagine it, to relive a fraction of it, would be nirvana. Where does this all tie in to a record review you ask? Well, this album would be playing/blaring in the background, this would be the show you lied to get to. MAIORANO managed to capture the essence of so many musical predecessors, it’s dizzying. From raucous, old J. Geils stomps, to Big Audio Dynamite, South Side Johnny and the Soup Dragons, it’s all here. Blues, RnB (the real stuff), Garage, Soul, Funk, this 8-piece band navigates it, owns it and then records it for all to love, thank you. Even for fans of the Blues Brothers soundtrack, there’s horn line perfection, overdriven upright piano tones, Steve Cropper-esque guitar licks, B3 swells, climbing chord progressions, chaotic solo sections, it’s all here; the whole album, not just the single.

MAIORANO is no dog and pony show, it’s no musical revue, it’s a pick up from where these other acts left off, a continuation of space and time. This album should force you to remove the earbuds and dust off the speakers (ask your parents what these are).


This music is meant to share, like draft beer, not the cell phone video of antics from the previous night. Kudos to the album cover person too, your work does not go unnoticed. I’m forever a fan.

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