This Is The Deep releases Simulator – Whimsical, a little garage(y), but with true indie-like fluidness

This Is The Deep - Simulator

This Is The Deep is a collaborative effort of a team of musicians/visual artists making a break for well-deserved notoriety and exposure in a field that’s been pretty arid in recent years. Groups with the one-two punch of sonic meanderings AND visual creativity are few and far between. Acts spewing out singles and EPs like a watermain break in a busy downtown area seem like the new norm. Taking the extra time and really treating your listener to a full package, something visually profound to boot, is an element that is truly missing, being conscience of dress, appearance, not wearing cargo shorts on stage, you get the idea. The foundation of, This Is The Deep is based largely on this premise.

The entourage recently released a true single, A side and B side on November 20 on B3SCI Records, The Best Is Yet To Come and Simulator. Whilst, The Best Is Yet To Come is worth getting acquainted with (after all it is a great piece of songwriting and George Martin-esque production), Simulator is a must hear for 2020.

The concept behind the single is mixing and/or discovering some bit of reality here in the digital age. A dichotomy for a group running amuck in digital stylings, sonically and visually speaking. However, Simulator’s chassis is fabricated of sounds from the predigital age. Round orchestral brass tones, 60’s electric piano, RnB snare drum tones, flat wound bass guitar goodness and lofty background vocals that would make any ABBA or Wings fan melt.

Simulator, in a songwriting, melodic sense is Wilco-esque, it’s whimsical, maybe a little garage(y), but with true indie-like fluidness. Lo Fi (I hate that term) guitar tones and mix and match piano give Simulator a real attraction to lots of different music fans, I wouldn’t exactly call this genre-less, rather I’d lean towards multi-genre in this case. I completely love how the entrance of new sounds, whether electronica or analog-ish, is handled; either way the single is produced with care and artistic prowess. The addition of sounds to the mix is not ad nauseum, rather expertly placed and introduced. The addition of a band member’s 8 year old cousin talking about gamming is a great touch. At the end of the part, the kid says, and with true 8-year-old candor, “You just respawned” something I’ve been hearing in my house for years (though I’ve never actually respawned myself).

This Is The Deep

A chuckle never hurts any art experience. So, with Simulator’s, Scissor-Sister rhythm section playing as my soundtrack for the day, I implore you, follow, This Is The Deep, seek them out visually (video is great) and await their upcoming single, Glass in early 2021, we definitely won’t miss it.

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