Love ‘n’ Joy – Come About (Bender on the Silk Road)

Come About is like an expertly packed suitcase; there’s so much going in, but it all manages to fit after you sit on it.

Love'n'Joy - Bender on the Silk Road

Making their home base Kiev, Ukraine is indie/psych-rock band, Love’n’Joy. When not busy on the festival circuit, they’re putting their creativity to use for the forces of good in the studio and new album, Bender on the Silk Road is no exception.

The single, Come About is a lush tour through layers of sonic bliss and hypnotic bass lines and rhythms. The single has a slick chord progression that moves you along the highway in an old Cadillac on original struts. It’s a top-down, shoes off, and work-skipping kind of vibe from the gates. Love ‘n’ Joy experiments with that bubbly, aquatic, underwater, psychedelia that all great day trips/dreams are made of.

Come About is like an expertly packed suitcase though; there’s so much going in, but it all manages to fit after you sit on it. Lofty backing vocals and textural synth pads rise above a driving rhythm section, while interesting arpeggiator lines are expertly sewn into the track’s lining. Come About is no slouch musically or lyrically either. The juxtapose of the guitar solo tone, compared to the rest of the track is worth the reckless driving ticket. It’s the dessert you weren’t expecting at the restaurant, the extra quid found in your jacket, all that.



The lyrics read poetically even without the track playing – I’m always hooked there. The nasally Lennon vocal tone, mixed with one of those brothers in Oasis, plus Verve-esque vocal delivery is just what Doctor Robert ordered to fill this script. Come About is transporting by nature, enveloping sonically speaking and engaging lyrically. Headphone Gold.

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