Eric Long – Hey Now Baby

imagery that renders his words into a captivating reality

Folk singer-songwriter Eric Long released his debut album last year, and on February 1st of this year, uploaded a sublime music video for the well-received track, ‘Hey Now Baby’.

He evokes calming visuals via soft, natural light and beautiful surroundings, which reflect the soothing intertwine of delicate guitar between effortlessly soft vocals. The lyrics of this angelic love song are emulated through simple scenes of love and comfort; demonstrating the purest form of affection. Eric Long appears in the video, but with an understated, narrator role within this authentic tale of two humans in love. As he plays his slide guitar with relaxed ease, the video flows between him and further scenes of closeness and adventure, depicting a fragment of the journey of devotion.

Eric Long

Eric’s velvet vocals are complemented by intricate guitar picking and mellow percussion, and as he sings of his lover’s beauty while she sleeps, we are blessed with imagery that renders his words into a captivating reality. The song itself is similar to that of an enchanting lullaby and the music video elevates this relaxed, wholesome love story from soothing audio into warm-hearted, intimate visuals.

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Eric Long

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