Neon Bambi – Getaway

escapism into a visionary world of bliss

Neon Bambi - Getaway

If Duran Duran were living in the year 2079, they would perhaps be making neo-80s tracks just like ‘Getaway’, by Berlin duo; Neon Bambi.

The song itself initially seems to be a fast-paced dance track until a deep, sultry voice cuts through the EDM instrumentation. The combination of a powerful, drawn-out vocal melody gliding smoothly over regimented repeated synth lines, creates a track that is hauntingly mesmerizing. The hypnotic beat is scattered with various swells that drive the song from section to section, allowing this continuous trance to flow with ease. Certain background elements defy the focused synths and beat, enriching the track with minor chaos, and enabling it to become larger than life.

The Simon Le Bon-esc vocal tone amongst a sea of modern synth riffs cause ‘Getaway’ to become simultaneously retro and futuristic; a song that draws inspiration from 3 decades ago and charges it forward with fearless confidence. By existing between two realities, the past and the future, this track offers escapism into a visionary world of bliss.

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