New Music Podcast Episode 4: An Interview with gospel-inspired Elyona Biney

Yes, I know this is an Indie Music Blog, but for the first month of a brand new decade, I figured it was a good time to try something a little out of my (and your) comfort zone.

Elyona Biney is a singer-songwriter from London who has just released her second single, Lost. Since first testing out her pipes at age 8 in church, she has studied at the Brit School, been on tour with Eliza Doolittle and is now about to complete her degree in Music Performance.  From growing up listening to the voices of Fred Hammon and Cece Winans to now loving Sinead Harnett, H.E.R, Daniel Caesar and Brandy; Elyona has spent years curating original music from blending R&B, Soul and Gospel genres.

Her latest track Lost is an inspiring, vocal-led delight with dreamy guitar, a mellow groove and gospel-inspired backing vocals that decorate her smooth, buttery voice. The spine-tingling high notes that lead the angelic outro truly shine a spotlight on this young 20-year-old’s vocal talent.

Elyona Biney - Lost

It seems that her words are made for those of us who are unsure of their path in life, when I spoke to her she revealed that she writes “the music she needs to hear herself”. In a sea of heartbreak and love songs, it is certainly refreshing to experience music that speaks to one’s biggest turmoil; what is life really about? If you are feeling ~lost~ and not sure what to do, then take time to absorb the comforting advice Elyona has to offer: everyone feels like this and it will all work itself out in good time.

Click here to listen on Anchor, Apple Music and many more platforms.

Lost comes after her ethereal debut single, Feel the Rain, and during my interview with her she mentions her desire to release an EP this year. So check out our conversation on the New Music Podcast, make sure to listen to both her tracks and follow her on socials to be first in line to hear more.

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Elyona Biney
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