MAUGER – Time To Choose

Time to Choose is a nibble at 80s Brit Pop and a tasty one at that.

MAUGER - time to choose

Mauger have released their new album, Sunday Competition on Belgian label, Mayway Records and upon first listen of the new single, Time to Choose, we’re in for a good one. Mauger is the handy work of Mauger Mortier, work-place-dreamer and staff-meeting-lyricist. Mortier is said to have been spotted around the office, scribbling lyrics with stolen company Sharpies on loose leaf of the same. These pensive moments are not for naught though. Mortier has used this time wisely to assemble an indie quartet that has garnered festival and club gigs across the country; in fact their 2017 single, Streets Run Dry was on frequent rotation on Radio 1, keeping Mauger constantly on the move and on top of their game.

The latest single, Time to Choose is a nibble at 80s Brit Pop and a tasty one at that. Pulsating analog synth sounds drive Time to Choose along its journey through your psyche. Mortier’s vocal is a stopping point along the way. His haunting tone and gift of melody sit somewhere between Justin Vernon and early Squeeze vocals. The chorus in Time to Choose is one of those slippery ones that sneaks up on listeners and doesn’t identify itself in volume or fanfare, rather subtle chord changes and melody. Production kudos for all the tasteful, ambient, electronica throughout the track; it’s what makes a great piece of art, rather than a good one; the drama is always in the details. Could also play well with fans of Joy Division and Talk Talk.

MAUGER - Time To Choose

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