Hush Pup – The Hours

Evokes imagery of dropping acid in a candy store

Hush Pup – The Hours

Dream pop band, Hush Pup, released ‘The Hours’ a few weeks ago as a single prior to their debut album, ‘Panacea’. The band describe their music as ‘a drive through Candy Land’, which is an undoubtedly accurate description, especially for this particular song.

‘The Hours’ begins with chilled synths, dreamy guitar and a drum machine that could be from a retro video game. The angelic vocals are saturated with reverb, giving the main melody an ethereal tone and allowing the track to sit in a sweet spot between The Cocteau Twins and Mac Demarco. The heavenly top-line is adorned with harmonies during the chorus, and we are soon blessed with a variation in guitar melody that is both haunting and intriguing. The song as a whole evokes imagery of dropping acid in a candy store; psychedelic and divinely sweet, something to transport your mind into a sugary utopia.

a drive through Candy Land

Hush Pup

If you’re a fan of dream-pop, or perhaps wish to experiment with celestial music, then make sure to follow Hush Pup’s socials and listen to their LP, ‘Panacea’.


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