Saint Loretto – Aisles

A retro-inspired, indie-pop anthem

Saint Loretto - Aisles
Evan Crowley, better known for his pseudonym, Saint Loretto, just
released his second single, ‘Aisles’ from his upcoming album PASSAGE/S.
This indie pop artist has been creating and performing music since his
early teens; arranging, performing and engineering nearly all instruments
heard in his recordings. ‘Aisles’ is a track that may seem to be a blissful,
carefree pop anthem, but a closer look reveals the personal anguish within
the lyrics. Crowley said himself that, “I have always battled with mental
illness, but music saved me”, and this song is a remarkable example of
how he has managed to turn emotional pain into something so joyous.
Drawing inspiration from The Cure and The 1975, this track triggers
flashbacks of shoulder-pads and perms. With layered, melodic guitar,
echoing backing vocals, upbeat rhythm and an insanely catchy vocal top-
line; it’s hard not to want to get up and dance. It pushes you away, then
drags you back into the chorus with smooth transitions between equally
addictive parts, including an especially satisfying breakdown, which brings
back lo-fi speech elements used in the intro. Wrapped in delicate, glowing
synths; ‘Aisles’ is a retro-inspired, indie-pop anthem that tells the story of
heartbreak hidden beneath an energetic, jubilant sound. With verses that
awaken long-lost memories of ‘Dancing in The Dark’ and a chorus that
sticks in your brain seemingly forever, this song can already be considered
a classic ‘throwback’ summer anthem.
Saint Loretto

Saint Loretto’s second album, PASSAGE/S, is set for release on the 29th March, so follow his socials and have a listen to ‘Aisles’ along with other original tracks here:

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