KELLA – Trainwreck

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KELLA - Trainwreck

KELLA new to the POP scene but not a sound that will go away. Her influences are the Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Christina, and all of the great 90 era’s. Trainwreck was inspired by real-life situations and is very relatable for anyone in a rocky relationship. That 90’s pop sound brings us back to our innocent days when love was real love and cute.


Trainwreck gives you a fighting chance to love, fight, and makeup. It’s not that falling for hard-headed boys is a habit but a learning experience for those in that beginning stage and that both are just as guilty.

KELLA - Trainwreck

Trainwreck has a throwback feel with a driving bass with an 80’s pop. More of an early Katy Perry’ Teenage Dream” or an early Robyn. KELLA is bringing back good old school pop and she deserves to be heard.

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LaToria Bolden is a mother of 2 lovely daughters living out of Arlington, TX, who has always had a love for music. She is an advance Virtual Assistant and DIY PR specialist who enjoys branding others to their full potential and educating young women on being small business owners for themselves. LaToria is a passionate writer and comes from a very creative family and loves to display her ART in her blog and Social Media outlets. If she is not crafting her blog, She is teaching herself to sew, and living life with her loving family.


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